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How it happened

Zygo Interiors came about through a love of beautiful things, restoration, repairing, upcycling, and generally turning the discarded into functional, beautiful, and practical items for use in the home and, in some cases, on the person.
During a break from the other creative disciplines, rubbing down old furniture and polishing rusty bits of metal was the ultimate way to relax, and the shop that materialised from it was a natural progression that came about from the accumulation of the wonderful pieces that kept coming my way.

There is no such thing, except on rare occasions, as an item past its prime. It is simply waiting to be repurposed. Some things, however, like this orange 1960’s Lava Totem vase, are survivors from the era in mint condition and timeless in their beauty.

An item that would not have looked out of place in any of the following decades in the hands of an interior design enthusiast.

The environment shapes the mind.

It is instinctive knowledge that the space we occupy has a direct impact on our emotional state, if only subliminally. An ordered, organised, and personalised space allows one the bandwidth in their mind to pursue other life-enhancing activities that enrich their existence and fill it with restful contemplation time.

A talking point picture on a wall, an MCM chair that is not only comfortable to sit in but also a work of art with a rarity value after restoration and being revived from its tired state The restorer’s skill is to visualise the possible result after some work to return a tired and sometimes delapidated item to life. 

Colourful or muted-tone Ceramics, sculpture, lighting, and talking point items all combine to give the feeling of a signature space that speaks of one’s personality and style without words having to do the work.

Some people restore houses, some cars, and others work with things we may not even have considered, but all with the desired purpose of creating something that will resonate with someone in the environment they inhabit.

As time passes, its presence, taken for granted, will eventually be forgotten; its emotional attachment will only be realised when, for one reason or another, it is no longer present as expected, where it should be as a matter of course.

Who we are and what we do

Our Story

From one creative field to another. With a background in the creative arts, it was a natural, if not obvious, transition to go into antiques, collectibles, and design. Beyond the functionality of an object is its conception and creation to make it aesthetically pleasing as well as useful. Not unlike all creative processes.

Each period has its own corresponding design style, and the one that seems to be the most timeless in the context of the 2020’s is the period beginning in the 1920’s, through the mid-century modern era, to the 1960’s and 1970’s retro period.

Antiques – Vintage & Mid Century Design.
Beautifully Restored and well made things for Life & Home.

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